Territory 32

Territory 32 is a bistro, coffee, and lounge in the heart of South Jakarta (Lb Bulus) with a lavish and distinct ambience offering variety of meals from western, europe, to local.

Kalaras Group

Kalaras Group is a F&B and lesiure company established in 2020 and has since daringly opened branches in West Java & Central Java region. Bandung (Urban Town), Cimahi (Backyard), Cikole (Checkpoint), Solo, Pangandaran. We’ve helped 90% of their branches with out marketing and branding efforts. Ranging from logo, menu, toolkit, websites, social media marketing, up to KOL management.

Sneaker Bless

Sneaker Bless, a one-of-a-kind event that unites sneaker enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike, is a celebration of style, culture, and self-expression. Embracing the vibrant world of sneakers, this event transcends traditional boundaries,…


Arsenal Indonesia Supporters, a devoted community of football enthusiasts, passionately rally behind the iconic English club, Arsenal FC. This tight-knit group transcends geographical boundaries, uniting fans across Indonesia under the common banner…


Whether it’s managing unexpected expenses or indulging in planned purchases, Yup PayLater empowers users with the freedom to make choices today and pay later, redefining the landscape of personal finance in Indonesia.


Info XL Axiata Micro Insurance represents a pivotal initiative in providing affordable and accessible insurance solutions to the underserved communities in Indonesia. Leveraging the extensive reach and technological infrastructure of XL Axiata,…