Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal?

There’s not a catch. You are able to request any of our services indefinitely. If you are a subscriber to one of the packages, we will next go over the priorities with you and begin working on these chores in the predetermined order. Only one person will work on your project at a time if you are on the standard package, meaning that only one request or task will be completed at a time. We can work on two requests or tasks at once if you have the enterprise package.

What is considered a task?

Any task or request you provide us is considered a task. It could be creating a logo, making changes to an already-existing design, maintaining a website, or anything else. Anything that needs a member of our staff to assist with one of your projects is considered a request.

Who will handle my project?

Your primary point of contact will be a professional account manager who will take care of the plans, procedures, and invoicing. In the background, a project manager will be organizing the definition, assessment, and timely completion of daily tasks by the senior designers and art director assigned to your project.

What's your payment method?

Depending on what works best for you, you can pay with a card or a local or international bank transfer, virtual account.

Can i cancel my subscription?

Our subscription is yours to use for as long as you like, and you can cancel at any moment! The subscription will just not renew from the following month; there are no additional costs or penalties associated with cancellation. You can cancel the subscription from your account or by contacting us if necessary.

What project management tool do you use?

We can invite several members of your team to the Trello board and handle everything there since we utilize Trello for internal procedures and time monitoring. If you would rather, we can integrate with any other project management software you may be using.

How extensive is your range of service?

Website development and design, graphic design, e-commerce solutions, branding and identity design, UX/UI design, motion graphic creation, and video production are just a few of the many services we provide.

Can i request custom branding and logo designs?

Indeed, we provide bespoke branding and logo design services to support the development and maintenance of your brand identity.

Are you able to do web maintenance and updates?

Yes, we provide continuing support and maintenance services for your website to keep it safe and current.

Do you provide assistance or training for utilizing my designs or website?

Yes, in order to assist our clients in using and managing their websites or design assets successfully, we provide training and support services.

Do you offer domain registration and website hosting?

Yes, in order to make the process of building and managing your website as simple as possible, we offer services for website hosting and domain registration.

How do you ensure that my website is optimized for mobile devices?

We make sure your website is optimized for viewing on a range of devices, including mobile ones, by using responsive design approaches.

Are you able to offer reports and analytics for my app or website?

Yes, we are able to set up tracking and reporting tools for analytics and reporting on the effectiveness of your website.

How can I begin collaborating with AGE?

Please schedule a call if you would like more information or to talk with an account manager. If you’re prepared to get started, just choose a package and check out. We’ll talk over your responsibilities and get to work on your project right away.

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We are the only fully comprehensive design subscription service available, offering not only website construction and optimization services but also design. More specifically, for WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify websites, our subscription includes graphic design, UI/UX, motion graphics, video production, web design, hosting, speed optimization, website maintenance, and web development services.
We serve customers of various sizes, from sole proprietors to major international corporations. Our team operates entirely remotely, and we are accessible throughout business hours in Jakarta (GMT+7).

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