Client: Hudson & Sons
Date: 2016-09-03
Services: Printing Branding

Arsenal Indonesia Supporters, a devoted community of football enthusiasts, passionately rally behind the iconic English club, Arsenal FC.

This tight-knit group transcends geographical boundaries, uniting fans across Indonesia under the common banner of unwavering support for the Gunners. Their fervor is evident during match days, where local chapters gather in pubs, cafes, and dedicated Arsenal-themed venues to collectively cheer on their beloved team. The camaraderie extends beyond the football pitch, fostering a sense of belonging among members who share a deep love for Arsenal’s rich history, stylish play, and the thrill of each match.

Arsenal Indonesia Supporters not only amplify the global fan base of Arsenal but also contribute to the unique tapestry of football culture in Indonesia. Through organized events, social media engagement, and collaborative initiatives, they create an environment where fans can discuss tactics, share memorable moments, and showcase their allegiance with pride. The red and white colors of Arsenal are not just a representation of a football club; they symbolize a shared identity and passion that resonate deeply within the hearts of Arsenal Indonesia Supporters, creating an enduring connection that goes far beyond the pitch.



“We've been engaged with AGE approach to our style of passion throughout the years.”

Alif Sapto N Founding member

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